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why do I keep getting an error when I’m trying to set up my new security details?

If you have previously saved your online IDs on your computer, you are not required to enter your online IDs again when you are setting up your new security details. Simply select the appropriate name from the drop down list and proceed to the next screen.

why can I not access internet banking plus?

It is important that you set up your new security details within first direct internet banking before you access internet banking plus. You will need to log on to internet banking and follow the instructions to set up your new internet banking log on details. You then need to update your internet banking details within internet banking plus. Simply log on to internet banking plus in the normal way and select ‘my details’ and then select ‘change organisations security details’ and update your new first direct details.

what browsers can I use to log on to internet banking?

We recommend that PC users use Microsoft® Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 3 or higher) or Google Chrome (version 6 or higher) and that Mac users use Safari (version 4 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 3 or higher) or Google Chrome (version 6 or higher). If you are using other browsers, we recommend that you use our supported browsers to ensure the best experience possible.

can I access internet banking using Safari?

You can now access our internet banking service using the Safari browser. There are a few outstanding issues, for example printing, which we are working hard to resolve.

what happens if I forget my security details in the future?

You can reset your security details online should you forget any of your log on details. To be able to do this you will need to set up two additional questions and answers for security. You can set these up at the same time as confirming your new security details. If you choose not to do this straightaway you will need to do so within one of your next four visits to internet banking to prevent being denied access.

Should you forget your password and/or memorable answer and you have not set up any additional security, you will need to complete the online reset form. You should then call us to activate this on 08 456 100 234.

is my username unique?

You will need to set to up a username that is unique to you, which you will need each time you log on to internet banking in future. It is important when creating a username that you choose one which you will remember when you next log on.

what else can I do to protect against online fraud?

first direct will never send you an email asking you to confirm your security details and we will never ask you to divulge your full passwords via email. If you receive an email of this nature please contact us on 08 456 100 234. Please keep your passwords private and ensure you don't use the same passwords for all your online log ons.

who can I speak to if I need support when setting up my new security details?

If you have any questions about security or you need assistance while setting up your new security details you can contact our Digital Support Team on 08 456 100 234.

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